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Dry Hydrants and Cisterns (DH&C) are a rural fire protection regulated under NFPA 1142 and the Ontario Fire Code for areas where there are no pressurized fire hydrants. DH&C's provide rural fire departments with a ready source of water for fire protection. If they are inspected regularly and properly maintained they are then a reliable source of water for fire services to use.

What is a DH&C? It can be a cistern underground, a pond, a lake, a stream or river. As simple as they sound, they can be very complex. We have work with and studied DH&C’s for ten years and have developed an inspection program, with equipment to give superior service to municipalities, camp grounds, golf clubs, engineering firms and private residences.

With our Discovery Unit we are able to do the thorough inspection called for in the fire code. Because we travel long distances to dry hydrant sites, it’s important to us to keep expense to our clents in check. To do this we have stocked our Discovery Unit with the parts and equipment to do most known jobs at the time of inspection, which eliminates return trips to make these repairs.

For 20 years Lakeshore Hydrant Services Inc. have been providing our superior services to the private sector and municipalities across Ontario. Our Dry Hydrant & Cistern Program is an extension of our services to ensure reliable fire protection for all in Ontario.

NFPA NFPA 1142: Standard on Water Supplies for Suburban and Rural Fire Fighting

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